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There are many software related needs to run a business. Xfortech has already developed some cost-effective solutions to enhance the business which will be implemented as per the needs of the clients.

X-Suite (Project Management System)

X-suite is a project management tool for you to implement proper staffing practices, project roadmaps and timelines to deliver the best for your customers.

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Kitchup (Restaurant POS System)

Kitchup is a cloud based restaurant POS application that allows you to operate your restaurant with a minimum investment and helps in maximizing profits.

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QR Menu (Restaurant Digital Menu)

QR menu is a cloud based application that helps restaurants to adapt to the new normal way of providing contactless food menu to their customers with payment gateway.

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Wave (School Management System)

Wave is an online School Management ERP developed by XforTech. Inorder to track and keep record of both Academic & Administrative activities.

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